Business blogging - what to blog

A few months ago we posted a blog on why and how to blog. In this article we provide some suggestions on what to blog about.

Bear in mind that whatever you choose to blog about there should always be an overall link to your business. If you stray too far off topic then you will confuse your audience and send mixed messages.

10 business blog ideas

  1. Topical news - comment on something that is happening in your industry or in the news generally - how might it impact your business or affect your customers?
  2. Industry expertise - demonstrate your expertise and give something for free with a "how to" or a "top tips" blog.
  3. Company news - share the good things that are going on in your business - new customer wins, awards, sales growth etc.
  4. Staff profile - give a human face to your company by profiling new or key members of staff.
  5. Case studies - showcase your success with customer case studies.
  6. Guest blog - invite another synergistic business to contribute a blog e.g. if you are a property conveyancer you could ask a removals company to prepare a "moving home checklist" blog.
  7. Industry research - respond to industry research and provide your own perspective.
  8. Review - review an industry event or a book.
  9. Aggregate industry information - pull together links about a specific topic in one blog article.
  10. Answer customer questions - generate a list of frequently asked questions and answer them through your blog.

The key to a successful business blog is frequency and content so mix up your blogs with different types of posts to keep it fresh and up to date.

At Straight Marketing we write blogs for a number of our clients so if you'd like help keeping your blog content engaging and current please contact us.

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