Straight Marketing Case Study: Timeout Retreats

Timeout Retreats logoBackground

Timeout Retreats was launched in 2014. The founders, counsellors Paula and Debbie, have developed a programme of residential retreats which they plan to launch in 2014.



> Develop the Timeout Retreats brand so that it is clearly defined.

> Identify the most appropriate ways to market the retreat packages in order to attract clients and bookings.


> In depth marketing consultancy to assist Debbie and Paula to refine their offering so it has maximum appeal and help identify the most effective ways to market the retreats within their restricted budget.

> Review of the existing brand in particular positioning and tone of voice, including comparison against competitors.

> Redraft the copy on the website.


> A clear, focused, achievable plan of action that will ensure marketing efforts are directed in the most effective way.

> A clear website which clearly defines the Timeout Retreats offering, differentiates itself from the competition and will appeal to the target audience.

Client Comment

Alison from Straight Marketing is certainly congruent with her brand – straightforward, clear and no fancy buzz words, which in our experience is difficult to find in marketing these days.  Alison also delivered everything promised and quickly.   If you want focus, direction, clear messaging, guidance and support then we highly recommend Alison and Straight Marketing.

– Debbie Banks, Director