Tips to improve your direct mail marketing

We’ve just completed a successful direct mail marketing campaign on behalf of a hotel client that wanted to raise awareness of its conferencing facilities. As a result of the campaign 36 recipients out of 50 have booked to view the facilities.

Given this campaign worked so well we thought we’d share some tips on how to improve the success of your business-to-business direct mail campaign. Previously we have provided advice on ways to get your direct mail opened and how to write a direct mail letter that will get read.

Tips to make your direct mail marketing campaign more successful

  1. Build your own list – whilst it is much quicker to buy in data building the list yourself will ensure it is far more acciucrate and relevant. Of course this might not be feasible if you are planning to mail thousands but then we’re strong advocates of smaller, targeted campaigns.
  2. Do your research – take the time to identify whether the business is an appropriate target and to find out the name of the best contact.
  3. Call to action – ensure the direct mail piece includes some form of call to action – this could be a limited time offer or a freebie or for example.
  4. Mail on a Friday – opening the post on a Monday morning is a good way to gently ease your way into the working week after a couple of days away. Have your mail land on the desk on a Monday and there is a strong chance your letter will get opened.
  5. Telemarketing follow up – always follow up with a telephone call. Not only does this pick up those that haven’t seen the letter but allows you to engage in conversation and hopefully move them to the next stage such as arranging a meeting.

Direct mail marketing conducted well can be a great way to introduce your product or service to a target audience that might never have heard of you. As with all marketing campaigns it is important to keep track of progress of the campaign as the results are unlikely to be instant. The 36 people visiting our hotel client are unlikely to all be in a position to make a booking right now. Provided they like what they see and the hotel keeps in touch with them bookings will inevitably result further down the line.

For help to run a successful direct mail campaign for your business please get in touch.