What is your brand personality?

Every brand has a personality. Understanding your brand personality can help you communicate your brand. This may be through the visual identity of your brand (your logo, corporate colours) and the tone of voice you use in your marketing literature.

What is your brand personality?

Using the Brand Personality Spectrum below place a cross closest to where you think your brand sits on each of the horizontal lines. Don’t spend too long thinking about it. Just go with your first reaction.

Brand Personality Spectrum

Where are your crosses?

Mainly towards the left?

Your business is modern/contemporary, fast-moving and innovative. You are always adapting, in touch with what your customers want from you and more risk taking. Your brand is accessible to a wide audience.

Warm and vibrant colours are more akin to your brand’s personality. Your communication style should be friendly and approachable.

Mainly towards the right?

Your company is traditional, slow-moving and more corporate. Your product/service is more exclusive and your target market might be more high-end.

Traditional, safer colours such as blue and green are most appropriate for more traditional brands, Your communication style should be professional and authoritative.

Crosses all over the place?

Don’t worry, not all brands conform to one side of the personality spectrum and contrasting traits can complement each other. When thinking about your visual style of identity and communication style you can mix elements of the above to achieve a result that works for your brand.

As with all branding tools there is no perfect model or ‘one size fits all’ approach. The brand personality spectrum is just another useful tool that can provide some revealing results but don’t take it too literally.

If you think your brand might need refreshing check out our blog post “When is it time for a brand refresh?”.

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