Is it OK to tweet the same thing several times?

We’re often asked: “Is it OK to tweet the same thing several times?”. We think “Yes, it is.”

We don’t advocate regularly reposting all of your Twitter content. However, if you’ve got a great piece of content or some important news to share then we’d encourage you to share it more than once. Tweet

Why should you tweet the same content?

Reposting your content maximises the chances of it being seen by your followers and their audience. Here’s why:

  1. Twitter has a much shorter shelf life than many of the other social media platforms. The lifespan of a tweet is 2 hours so your tweet quickly disappears into the ether.
  2. We don’t read every tweet.  Even the most prolific Twitters can’t possibly keep up with every single tweet from all the people they’re following.
  3. Your followers will be on Twitter at different times of day. This is particularly pertinent if you’re targeting people in different time zones.
  4. Old content may still be relevant and new followers may not have seen it first time around.

Some things to bear in mind:

  • Avoid over tweeting sales messages. You’ll quickly turn off your followers. As a general rule of thumb promotional tweets should account for no more than 25% of your overall Tweet activity.
  • Tweet the same content on different days and at different times.
  • Ensure you are sharing plenty of new content in the mix.
  • Tweak each tweet before reposting so it’s slightly different each time. Twitter reserve the right to suspend or even deactivate your account if you post multiple duplicate updates on one account.

Reposting content takes a lot of pressure off when trying to come up with a constant flow of interesting things to share. It definitely gets the thumbs up from us!