The life stages of mail

I read an interesting research report recently from Royal Mail MarketReach: ‘The Life Stages of Mail’, which revealed how people of different ages engage with direct mail.

The Life Stages of MailAll aspects of the report were illuminating but what I found particularly noteworthy was the feedback from the Older Retirees (either one or two adults living as partners and dependent on income from pensions).

The research showed that whilst direct mail is still effective in reaching all all ages/life stages it’s particularly so for the older generation.

Print is a familiar and comfortable medium that older retirees have engaged with for decades. 75% reported that they would feel less in control of their life if they didn’t have printed copies of important documents.

This attitude will obviously change over the years as the younger, more digital savvy population age but for now it’s very relevant.

Key statistics from The Life Stages of Mail

Older Retirees:

  • 32% responded to mail in the last year
  • 43% keep mail for reference
  • 72% like receiving mail if it is relevant to them
  • 37 think it is a good way for local traders to let them know about their services (even unaddressed mail)
  • 18% use the phone to ask for information after receiving mail

There’s a common misconception that there is little value in direct mail these days. Many marketers are quick to push newer forms of marketing (particular in the digital arena) and dismiss the more traditional approaches such as direct mail.

However, as this research demonstrates direct mail is definitely alive and kicking!

And it’s not just the older generation that respond to direct mail. Download the full report to see the response from the younger generations. The report also includes useful tips on how to approach direct mail across the different life stages.

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