MailChimp Facebook advertising

At the end of January MailChimp launched a new feature, MailChimp Facebook advertising, which allows its customers to create Facebook adverts within the MailChimp platform.

What is MailChimp Facebook advertising?

MailChimp Facebook advertising lets customers buy and manage Facebook ads through the MailChimp platform.

MailChimp worked with Facebook in order to develop the feature. Users can target ad campaigns based on their existing MailChimp email lists or to audiences developed within the Facebook platform. A handy feature is the option to show the ad to ‘people similar to your list contacts’. If you have good open and engagement rates with your list subscribers then showing your ad to similar people is a good marketing tactic. You can also choose to show the advert to people on your contact lists, which is a good way of ensuring they see and interact with your brand in several different ways.

Why is MailChimp doing this?

MailChimp said that the decision to expand from email marketing to other channels came from listening to customer feedback. Tom Klein, MailChimp’s CMO said: “We listened, and that’s why we chose Facebook as our next marketing channel. After email, Facebook ads are the next most popular choice with our customers for acquiring customers and generating revenue. We created an ad buying experience that feels like MailChimp, so customers can create beautiful ads quickly and get back to building their business.”

How do you create a MailChimp Facebook advert?

Creating a MailChimp Facebook advertising campaign is straightforward. Navigate to ‘New campaign’ and select ‘Facebook ad’ under “Campaign type’.

MailChimp Facebook advertising screenshot

On the next screen, you can define your ad audience and design your advert. You can choose to show your advert to one of three audiences:

  1. Your list members
  2. People similar to your list contacts (NB list must be at least 500 contacts)
  3. People with interests you define

There are less audience and design options than if you were to advertise within Facebook. For example, you can only choose one country location and not refine this any further. However, fewer options mean it’s slightly more user-friendly and less overwhelming for a first-time advertiser. I prefer it.

MailChimp doesn’t intend to charge extra for the Facebook integration, so it will cost you no more than if you placed your adverts direct with Facebook.

If you’re a regular MailChimp user we recommend you give MailChimp Facebook advertising a try.

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