Thinking of using a telemarketing agency?

Are you considering using a telemarketing agency. Telemarketing can be a highly effective way to generate new leads or follow up on direct mail activity. We regularly successfully use telemarketing to follow up on our client’s B2B marketing campaigns.

If you lack the time or skills for telemarketing you might want to outsource this to an agency. To help you, we’ve outlined below some of the areas you should consider when outsourcing a telemarketing campaign.

Telemarketing agency checklist

1. Campaign objective

What do you require your telemarketing agency to achieve? Following up on a postal event invitation is a very different call to cold calling someone to try and set up an appointment. Set your campaign objective and ensure this is clearly communicated to your telemarketing agency.

2. Messaging

Fully brief your telemarketing agency on your company, your brand, the benefits of the product/service you are promoting and the objective of the campaign. Work through likely objections with them and agree how these will be addressed.

If they will be following up on a direct mail campaign make sure they have a copy of the material that was sent out.

3. Charges

Telemarketing agencies differ in the way they charge for their services. Some charge a success fee (such as an appointment) while others may charge based on the number of results (where a call has been made and concluded). Make sure you agree on a charging structure which is most appropriate to your campaign objective.

4. Data

What data will you be supplying for the telemarketing? It’s best to have validated the data first, i.e. sourced the correct contact name, as this will improve the results. Some telemarketing agencies will check names and addresses for you before your direct mail campaign and we highly recommend this.

5. Timing and timescales

Often the timing of a telemarketing campaign can be instrumental to its success. Plan the best time for your telemarketing campaign to be carried out. A telemarketing campaign to a holiday park, for example, would be best received out of peak holiday season.

Also, decide how long you will run the campaign for and its cut off date. How many separate call attempts will your agency make to one person before closing that record?

6. Representation

Agree how the telemarketing agency will represent your company. How will they refer to themselves when making calls? If they are using a false name make sure that your employees have been told just in case your company receives a return call asking to speak to that person.

7. Results

Determine with your agency how they will record each result and what reporting they will provide at the end of the campaign.

8. Review

It is helpful to agree an review period part way through the campaign to evaluate how it is going. If for whatever reason the campaign isn’t working well it is best to stop and reconsider rather than carrying on all the way to the end with a poor outcome.

9. Follow up

Consider how your telemarketing agency will have access to your diary, if setting appointments, and how the results from their calling will be fed into your CRM system. If you can give them direct access so they can input as they go along this will be much quicker and effective.

10. Liaison

Decide how often you require your telemarketing agency to give you feed back and action points. We recommend daily if it’s likely that some contacts will require follow up such as acknowledgment emails for example. Ensure they have one point of contact within your organisation to be responsible for follow up.

11. Evaluation

Evaluate the success of the campaign when it has concluded to assess its effectiveness and determine whether it was a worthwhile exercise which could be repeated with new data.

Telemarketing works best when it’s delivered as if it’s coming from inside your company. The more time you take to plan and consider the points raised above, the better the outcome. If you’d like to try telemarketing yourself, read our telemarketing tips.

If you’d like to find out how we can help with telemarketing, please get in touch.