3 ways to follow up direct mail campaigns

Letterbox creative direct mailWe love direct mail campaigns and think they are an ideal way for B2B businesses to introduce their products and services to potential customers. However, it’s not enough to post a letter and then wait for the enquiries to flood in. For direct mail to be most effective, it needs to be followed up.

3 ways to follow up direct mail campaigns

1. Telephone follow up

Call up each recipient to check they received the direct mail and see if they have questions or interest in your offering. Using the direct mail as the hook makes the initial call easier to make. Make sure you complete telephone follow up within a few days of sending the direct mail. You may find this blog post helpful: How to make a successful telemarketing call.

If we include a letter in a direct mail we usually say that we will follow up by telephone so the recipient is aware to expect a call.

2. Email

If after a few attempts you have been unable to reach the recipient by phone send them a follow-up email instead. Say that you had tried to speak to them by phone but were unable to get through. Mention the mailer and explain why you are trying to get in touch.

Also, use email to follow up to all those you have managed to speak to on the phone.

3. Send more direct mail campaigns

Rather than just sending a one-off direct mail piece plan a series of mailings within an overall campaign. We run regular campaigns on behalf of one client where we use seasonally themed greetings cards. The response rate is much more significant by sending a series of cards, and the recipients come to recognise and identify with the brand.

If you’re considering running direct mail campaigns we’ve written lots of helpful blogs on the subject. You can find them all consolidated here.

As said above, we love a direct mail campaign, so if you need some help, we’d be delighted to assist. We can manage the whole process – from developing the theme to designing the campaign, compiling the mailing list and undertaking the telephone follow up. Please call us on 01395 269791, and we’ll get you started.

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