Take a break – direct mail success

Take a break direct mail successWe thought we’d share a direct mail success story to give you some inspiration to try a direct mail campaign. We’re deliberately keeping the details brief to protect client confidentiality but it’s enough for you to get the idea.

Our client, a B2B service provider, uses cold calling to introduce their company to potential clients. As is often the way, the sales manager finds getting past the gatekeeper and through to the decision maker challenging and so asked for our advice. We suggested dropping off an introductory letter, addressed to the decision maker, which included a KitKat. Although the KitKat gift may seem rather random we drafted the letter in such a way that it was relevant.

When following up the letter with a telephone call a few days later the sales manager was delighted to find a significant improvement in his success rate. Here’s why:

  1. In most instances, the gatekeeper didn’t know how to respond when told the reason for the call. “You’re ringing about a KitKat? OK, I’ll just put you through.”
  2. The recipient enjoyed and appreciated the chocolate break!
  3. The inclusion of the KitKat made the letter stand out and be memorable.

The sales manager has created several new leads and secured appointments off the back of this campaign.

Direct mail really does work, especially in B2B marketing but to increase your direct mail success rate have some fun with it and make it creative.

We love direct mail, if you’d like some help with your direct mail campaign, please get in touch.

Image credit: Pixabay