How to create video for LinkedIn?

Alison Jobson create video for LinkedIn

There are many good reasons why you should create video content for LinkedIn. We highlighted four in a previous blog post which you can view here.

If you’re thinking that’s all very well and good but I’m not very technical, read on.

I’ve recently started creating short videos and sharing them on my LinkedIn profile. Since I’m technically challenged here are my simple and practical tips on how to create video for LinkedIn:

Alison’s 11 tips for making videos

  1. Use your smartphone to film your video with a tripod to hold the phone in place and a Bluetooth shutter to start and end the video.
  2. The rear camera produces better quality video so try and use this one instead of the front-facing camera (i.e. the one you’d use for selfies). Since you won’t be able to see what you’re filming you’ll have to do a few test videos first.
  3. Film somewhere quiet, well lit and against a plain background.
  4. Turn off your landline phone and notification sounds. It’s very annoying when you’re partway through the perfect take and the phone rings!
  5. Don’t speak straight away. Let the camera roll for a couple of seconds so you can edit out bits if necessary. I always seem to start with my eyes closed!
  6. Try and ad-lib if you can. I often write notes of what I want to say but I don’t script my video.
  7. Warm up to it. Don’t expect to nail the perfect take the first time around. Just keep doing until it starts to feel more natural
  8. If you’ve got the time, film a few videos in one session. I find it takes a while to get into the flow so I save time overall by doing more than one video at a time.
  9. Keep it short. I think 90 seconds to two minutes is long enough for a LinkedIn video.
  10. Don’t be put off by your first experience. You’ll only get better with practice.
  11. Don’t sweat it. If you’re creating a video to share on LinkedIn (or any other social media platform) then it doesn’t need to be completely slick and polished. Just go for it!

I’m still learning so if you’d like to have a laugh at my expense please visit my LinkedIn profile. Let me know what you think!