What is your brand saying about you?

Asking that question, I don’t just mean your brand as in your logo or your visual identity but every touchpoint that your customers have with your business.

Is your brand creating the right impression and genuinely reflecting the experience that customers will get if they buy from you?

Let’s explore that further:

  • How up to date is your website? Is your “news” page current or was the last post several months ago?
  • How are you using your social media profiles? Is your tone of voice consistent and authentic, and are you regularly present?
  • What happens when your customers call you? Are they greeted by a friendly and helpful voice or do they get directed to a bland voicemail or worse a hanging ring tone? 
  • How do you deal with new enquiries? Do you respond when you say you will or is that a flexible time scale?
  • What’s the state of your company van? Is it clean and roadworthy, or does it look like the owner doesn’t care?
  • What happens after a customer has bought from you? Do you follow up with them or move on quickly to the next sale?

Every interaction your customers have with your business, whether they see, touch or feel it, creates an impression and helps them decide whether they want to buy from you or not. Since many decisions are often instantaneous and subconscious, there’s little room for error.

While business is harder to come by, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to the detail.

So, take a good hard look at what your brand is saying about your business right now and make sure it’s sending out the correct message every single time.