What are LinkedIn carousel posts?

Like all the social media channels, LinkedIn is constantly changing its algorithm. A type of post which got you loads of visibility and engagement one month could flop the following month when LinkedIn decides to favour a different kind of content.

As I write, it seems that video has massively fallen from grace and is not getting anywhere near the profile it was even just a few weeks ago. In my experience posts with images, which used to have the lowest engagement rate, seem to be flying.

But, there’s another type of content which is reportedly doing well so I urge you to try it and that’s a carousel post.

What is a LinkedIn carousel post?

A LinkedIn Carousel post is a document that is shared on your LinkedIn feed. Users can scroll through the document like a presentation. And since they don’t need to leave the platform to do so, that keeps LinkedIn happy.

Because carousel posts are interactive and visually attractive, they stand out from the newsfeed. They’re also a brilliant way to share your expertise visually and engagingly.

How do you create a LinkedIn Carousel post?

Firstly, you need to create the document that you’re going to share as a carousel post. You can upload a Word document, Powerpoint presentation or pdf.

I recommend that you create a presentation for your post. An easy way to do this is to create a presentation in Canva using one of their templates which you can then download as a pdf.

Once you’ve got your document, navigate to your LinkedIn home feed and click on the “Document” button and then upload your document.

Alternatively, click on “Start a post” and select the document icon.

Add some descriptive content in the post field above to entice people to click through your presentation and then post.

Tips for creating carousel posts

  • Start with a powerful first slide that will attract attention.
  • Keep the text content light.
  • Avoid having too many slides – I think 6 – 10 is enough.
  • Add relevant hashtags to your post (no more than 3).
  • Respond to any comments on your carousel post to increase engagement.

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