18 LinkedIn posting tips


If you’re the owner of a small business, posting regularly on LinkedIn will help raise your profile, grow your network and demonstrate your expertise. Here are our LinkedIn posting tips to help you make your LinkedIn activity a success.

18 LinkedIn posting tips:

  1. Plan your content – deciding on your key topics in advance will help you plan your content and keep up the consistency.
  2. Use different formats – post a mix of content – text posts, photos, videos, polls and carousel posts to make your content more interesting. 
  3. Mix it up – as well as work-related posts, share some personal content to show the personality behind your profile.
  4.  Write for your audience – share content that is relevant to the people you want to attract.
  5. Be authentic – communicate genuinely and be yourself. 
  6. Find the best time to post – identify what time of day works best but don’t get too hung up on these timings. Post when you have time or inspiration. 
  7. Post regularly – 2-3 times a week is a good frequency for sharing content.
  8. Don’t post too often – no more than once a day.
  9. Include relevant hashtags – stick to a maximum of three per post and put them at the end of your post.
  10. Respond – reply to comments on your posts to build engagement and work the algorithm.
  11. Like your own posts – the LinkedIn algorithm doesn’t distinguish between a like from the person posting and someone else’s.
  12. Add links in the comments – avoid putting links in the actual post. LinkedIn likes to keep users on the platform, giving less preference to posts that are directing users elsewhere.
  13. Ask questions – encourage your audience to comment on and engage with your post by posing a question.
  14. Use captions – add captions to your video posts so users can still see the content with the sound off.
  15. Schedule if you need to – use scheduling tools such as Hootsuite to prepare and post your content but avoid using them all the time. LinkedIn prefers native content.
  16. Tag with caution – tag people in your posts when relevant but don’t tag just to boost engagement. It can become very irritating and won’t win you any favours with your connections.
  17. Take a break – keeping up an active LinkedIn presence can be demanding. Don’t sweat it if you need to take a break for a few days.
  18. Keep at it – it takes a while of regular posting to build a following so persevere.

LinkedIn is an increasingly useful platform to build your brand and business. Post consistently following our tips above, and you’ll be bound to succeed.