Is print advertising still effective?

With everything accessible online and the consequent decline in print media, you might think that print advertising is dead. Why spend on print when readership is down, and nearly everyone uses the internet for everything they need?

Yet, there are advantages to print advertising:

  • Print media has a longer shelf life than online material.
  • The people reading print media are more loyal and engaged as they actively choose to consume this type of content.
  • It typically has a greater effect on the reader than something seen online.
  • It's generally more trusted due to the widely known plethora of fake news on the internet.
  • Its lower popularity means fewer of your competitors will be present.

On the flip side, the drawbacks to print advertising include:

  • Print advertising is generally more expensive than online.
  • It can be harder to track the effectiveness of print advertising.
  • Print advertising is less responsive. Unlike online advertising, you can't switch the creative partway through a campaign.
  • Readership levels are declining.

Whether print advertising will be effective for your business mainly comes down to your target audience. Generally speaking, young consumers who grew up with the internet are less inclined to read print media than those who grew up with print media. If you target customers that buy and read print media, then print advertising could be an effective marketing tool for your business.

Here are some pointers to bear in mind if you're considering print advertising.

Select the right publication

  • Only choose the publications that are read by your target audience.
  • Check the print volume and distribution to see if it will give you enough reach for your investment.
  • Examine a copy to see if it fits with your brand.

Plan a campaign

  • Maximise the effectiveness of your advertising by planning a campaign. One-off adverts rarely work as it takes time and a consistent presence to build brand awareness.

Integrate with other activities

  • It's best not to rely solely on print advertising for your marketing so integrate it with other activities in a comprehensive campaign.

In conclusion, print advertising isn't appropriate for every business, but it still works for some.

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