Website Redesign

Website redesign for Debbie Banks
Website redesign for Debbie Banks

Website Redesign

Debbie Banks is a wellbeing, personal growth coach and mentor. She helps women to find their full potential and live the life they have always dreamed of.

A year previously, we provided Debbie with marketing consultancy advice and guidance.


A year after seeking our advice Debbie came back to us as she was unsure about her future direction. She was unclear about who she was aiming at and what she wanted to achieve. Through some further marketing consultancy, we were able to help her clarify her focus.

The outcome of this consultancy revealed weaknesses with the website:

  • The overall design lacked impact and was messy.
  • The messaging was confusing.
  • It was not targeted at the newly defined target market.


We undertook a complete overhaul of the website. Specifically, our support included:

  • Redesigning the whole website, including sourcing images.
  • Drafting all the content for the new website.


  •  A new website that is clear, visually attractive and consistent.
  • Clear messaging that is targeted accurately.
  • A consistent tone of voice.
  • All delivered within just three weeks!

View the site here.

Client Comment

I selected Alison from Straight Marketing last year and have worked with her at each phase of my business development. What works for me is that you are clear on what needs to be done to move you on in your business. Alison has a great no-nonsense approach and is true to her brand – straightforward. She won’t lie to you nor fill you full of jargon and fluffy stuff that you can’t work with.

Alison has helped me become clear in my brand and what I stand for, who my target audience is and now what I need to do to take me on to the next phase of development.

Straight Marketing will give you a package to suit your budget – you can do as much or as little of the work as suits your needs. I certainly needed a more flexible arrangement. You won’t waste money on advertising that doesn’t work or isn’t right for you.

Alison helped me with my new website and undertook the task of its re-development to going live. This was delivered really quickly and within a very very limited budget. The site has been well received.

– Debbie Banks, Director

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