Marketing Planning

There are so many marketing options available to you. So, how do you know which to choose and where to invest your time and money? You need a marketing strategy to inform where to spend your marketing budget to achieve your business objectives. But where do you get one of those from?

Well, me, of course!

Your marketing plan starts here

After reviewing your business and current marketing activity, I'll recommend a marketing strategy and develop your marketing plan around it. The plan will set out what marketing you need to do and when and give you a direct course of action. With a clear focus, you'll be able to maximise your return on investment and avoid wasting time and money on inappropriate marketing activities.

With your strategy in place, you can either implement the plan yourself or work with me on an ongoing basis to deliver it. If you choose the former, you can always call on me for ad-hoc or regular marketing consultancy sessions if needed to help keep your plan on track.

How does the strategy and marketing planning service work?

You've two options to choose from. The first is a marketing planning workshop - a consultative approach where we'll work together on your marketing plan. The alternative is a more detailed plan that I will produce after an initial marketing audit meeting.

Option 1: Marketing planning workshop

The marketing planning workshop usually takes place over half a day. This option is a good choice if you'd like to actively participate in planning your marketing activity and don't require an in-depth marketing plan.

Before the marketing workshop, I'll provide a marketing audit questionnaire. This document will contain questions about your brand, target audience, product offering and objectives and form the agenda for the workshop. We'll then work through these questions together during the session and develop your strategy and marketing plan.

Following the workshop, I'll summarise the outcomes and provide you with an outline marketing plan.

Option 2: Strategy and marketing plan

If you’d prefer to leave the marketing planning to me, this is the better option!

We’ll start with an initial meeting to complete a marketing audit. Like the above, I’ll provide a questionnaire before the meeting, which we’ll then go through together. Then, after the meeting, I’ll go away and complete your marketing strategy and plan, which will include:

  • A summary of your current market position to put the plan in context – competitors, SWOT analysis, positioning etc.
  • Market research into your competitors, the external marketplace, marketing opportunities and costings.
  • Your strategy - target market, branding strategy, and promotional strategy.
  • Recommended marketing activities and campaigns to undertake over the next 12 months.
  • Ballpark costs for the suggested activities.
  • Proposed timeline.

What will it cost?

Marketing planning workshop

A marketing planning workshop as described above will cost £750 + VAT.

Strategy and marketing plan

A full marketing strategy and plan as described above will cost £2,750 + VAT.

Whichever option you choose, the outcome will give clarity and focus to your future marketing efforts.

If you feel you’re floundering with your marketing and would like some help formulating a strategy and marketing plan, please get in touch.
01395 901116

Client feedback

"As a partner in Sampson Hall Ltd I engaged Alison from Straight Marketing in evolving our marketing strategy. As a service provider of leadership both in terms of consultancy and training this was a very challenging portfolio. Alison exceeded all our expectations and delivered a comprehensive and well thought through strategy, which we are really excited about implementing.

Very professional and trustworthy she affords sage and honest advice based on a comprehensive understanding of her profession. 
I would highly commend her to anyone who wants to really get to grips with their marketing plans!"

Phil Sampson, Director - Sampson Hall
Straight Marketing
Tawny Bank, Maer Lane
Exmouth, Devon

01395 901116
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