Why am I still cleaning for the cleaner?

Guess what, I’m still cleaning up for the cleaner.

(If you missed my earlier blog post on this topic and are wondering where this might be leading please read my earlier blog.)


Because it’s not just the first impression that is important but every interaction thereafter.


Branding is all about consistency. Consistency in look, feel, appearance, service, delivery… You’ve wowed your prospective client on their first encounter now you have to live up to that brand promise you created with that first impression.

Your Brand

Creating a strong brand and one which people will want to return to and encourage others to experience is about knowing what you stand for and reiterating that message across every “touchpoint” your prospective clients and customers contact. First impressions are vital but make sure you follow it through in everything subsequently.

I still don’t want my cleaner to think I am a slovenly person so I will continue preparing the house for her arrival!

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