Dead pets don't need vaccinating. How clean is your data?

Last week my local equine veterinary practice sent me an annual vaccination reminder for my pony. This is fairly standard marketing practise for vets these days so is not particularly remarkable. What is remarkable is that said pony was euthanised by one of their vets last December.

When I rang the vets to inform them of their mistake the receptionist, who was very apologetic and immediately put on that "I'm so sorry about your loss" voice, said "we do try and update our database". My mental retort was "yes, damn right you should and perhaps you need to try a little harder!"

Fortunately time is a great healer and nine months since my pony died I can see the lighter side.

A client relationship management (CRM) database is a great marketing tool to grow and develop relationships with your existing clients and your prospective clients. Yet no matter how sophisticated the database, it is only ever as good as the information within it.

To achieve a successful CRM programme make sure you factor in a system to ensure data is regularly updated, validated and sense checked. Without it your CRM will fail and at worst you may even achieve a reputation as that company who wrote to "Dear Deceased"!

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