Are you hiding your light under a bushel?

This afternoon on the school run I had to stop at those really irritating 3 way traffic lights as the road was being dug up yet again for some reason or another. Sitting in the queue I happened to notice a smallish red van (I have little to no interest in cars so have no idea what make or model it was) parked at the side of the road to my right. The whole side of the van was emblazoned with the services of the driver: “Paul’s Gardening, Just Ask!” There was also a list of services and a mobile phone number. All clearly written and easy to read.

I looked back to the front and coincidentally saw another gardening van in front of me. This was a larger, white van with a somewhat more subtle but rather insignificant advert for the services on offer. On the left-hand rear door there was a small square sticker “Something Landscapes”, with an insipid picture and a phone number. That was it. Blink and you’d have missed it.

So, I expect you are wondering what is the point of this little anecdote from my trip to school this afternoon? My point is that no matter how great your product, your after sales service, your quality of service etc etc it is all totally worthless if no one knows you exist.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Use every opportunity you have to shout about your business and draw people to it. You can’t rely on people seeking you out due to your amazing product/service so you have to tell them it is there in every which way you can.

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