How to deliver an effective email marketing campaign

Tips on how to deliver an effective email campaign.

Know who you are targeting

This element is crucial and is fundamental to any aspect of marketing. If you don’t know who you are communicating with how can you tailor your message so that it is of interest to them? This is even more important when you are selling a service which is much more relationship driven. In our opinion less is more here – you are likely to get a far better return on investment with a very targeted email to a few recipients than a blanket email to many recipients.

Focus on the content

Make the content relevant to your target audience, keep it short and to the point and include some form of call to action – eg “click here for your 10% voucher”.

Use an attention grabbing heading

You’ve only two seconds to convince the recipient to open your email so focus on the subject heading and make it attention grabbing. Avoid anything which sounds like it is good to be true or anything completely unrelated to the contents of the email. Do not use scare tactics to encourage the recipient to open the email eg “Urgent response required.”

It is a good idea to write the subject heading last as it is often easier to draft once the main bulk of the email is done.

Personalise the email

If an email is addressed to you personally you are much more inclined to read the email and to engage with the contents. If the email is incorrectly addressed or starts “Dear Sir/Madam” then it is unlikely that the recipient will get past the first line.

Run an A/B split test

To test which variables work best for open rates – eg what subject header, what time of day to send the email, what day of the week to send the email etc you can experiment with your campaigns by running a split test. 50% of the recipients receive one version of the email and 50% receive the other. The results should then be analysed after the campaign to see which version worked best.

Check before you send

Send the email to a few external planted recipients before sending the main batch to ensure that the links work and the email displays correctly.

Tidy up your database

After your email campaign make sure you remove the ‘Unsubscibes’ from your database so they don’t receive further emails from you and check and update the ‘bounce backs’.

Monitor the results

Review and analyse the campaign statistics to see how you can improve on future campaigns.

If you do it right, email marketing can be an extremely cost effective way to communicate with your prospective and existing customers and generate sales.

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