Working with a marketing agency – FAQs

Instructing a marketing agency can be a daunting task particularly if this is a new area of outsourcing for your business. To help you understand how the process works we have provided Straight Marketing’s answers to the questions we are most frequently asked by prospective clients.

What happens first?

The first step will be a meeting with you, usually at your offices, for us to find out more about your brief and for you to have the opportunity to meet us in person. It is important that you gel with the people who will be managing your marketing account and that you have confidence in their ability.

Following the meeting we will prepare a proposal based on the agreed brief. The proposal will include a summary of the work to be carried out with a cost proposal.

We will normally meet with you after you have received the proposal to answer any queries and ensure it fits your requirements.

Once we have your go ahead we send out an engagement letter with our terms and conditions and then work begins!

How do you work?

At the beginning of the relationship we will spend time getting to know and understand your business. This knowledge will be gained through meeting with you/your team and from our own research. This will normally be undertaken in our own time at no charge to you.

All work will generally be completed at our offices outside of meetings with you. By prior arrangement we can spend a proportion of our time working at your offices, which can be extremely fruitful in terms of better understanding your business and how it operates.

How do you charge?

For discrete projects (such as the preparation of a marketing plan) we charge a fixed fee. 50% of the fee is required as an upfront payment and the remainder is invoiced upon completion of the project.

For ongoing retained work we agree a level of support/deliverables per month which will be provided for an agreed fee. We invoice monthly.

We can also work on an hourly rate basis – a ‘pay as you go’ approach.

How do you manage our relationship?

We will agree the level of reporting with you at the outset of the contract. For ongoing marketing support we will normally meet with you once a month to review progress and discuss forthcoming projects. The frequency of meetings for specific marketing projects will depend on the nature of the project. There will always be a debrief meeting at the end of the project.

We are regularly in contact with clients by by email and phone and are contactable at all times during normal office hours.

Can we start off on a trial basis?

Marketing does not generate an immediate return so it is important to give time to your relationship with us, which can make working on a trial basis difficult. However, we are happy to undertake small projects initially and let things grow as you become more comfortable with us. Many of our existing clients started out as one-off projects and now retain us for an agreed level of marketing support per month.

What should I do now?

If you are thinking of outsourcing your marketing and would like to find out how Straight Marketing could help your business please contact us. To see how some of our existing clients have benefitted from using us please click here.

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