What to give as a Christmas corporate gift

With Christmas shopping and gifts very much on everyone’s minds at the moment, we have decided to dedicate our blog post this week to corporate gifts.

Why give corporate gifts?

Corporate promotional items can be used to:

  • foster goodwill with clients and contacts;
  • promote your business or a particular service offering;
  • reach out to potential customers;
  • reward loyal and longstanding customers; and
  • reward and motivate staff.

How do you choose a corporate gift?

The actual product you decide to use as your corporate gift will need to be determined by your specific objective, for example a gift to reward a valued customer will be different to that which will be handed out as a freebie at an event . Your available budget will also have a strong bearing on the gift you choose.

Things to consider when choosing a corporate gift:

  • invest in quality (remember that the gift will be bearing your logo);
  • make the gift relevant to the target audience and the service you are promoting;
  • gifts which are functional will be more appreciated by the recipient who can derive some use from it; and
  • ensure the gift is aligned to your brand.

5 Christmas corporate gift ideas

If you are thinking of giving a corporate gift to your valued customers and/or employees this Christmas here are our top 5 safe bets:

  1. Christmas cards: cards are relatively inexpensive and appreciated if they are personalised with a handwritten message. Sending a card in the post is a more thoughtful gesture than sending an e-card. Christmas cards can easily be branded with your logo and selecting a charity card will also help fulfil your social responsibilities.
  2. Edibles: food presents such as chocolates, cakes and hampers are always well received at Christmas. Food gifts can be branded if you choose and can be tailored to pretty much any budget.
  3. Calendars / Diaries: whilst not particularly exciting nor original these are a useful gift . There are many options available to fit within budget and the gift will be visible to your client for the following 12 months, as opposed to a food gift, reminding them of your presence.
  4. Vouchers: these can be for vouchers for experience days or for shopping. These are a good gift for saying “thank you” and allow the recipient to choose the specific gift. The value of the voucher can be chosen to suit the budget and the customer.
  5. Gadgets: Everyone loves to receive a gadget so this is a gift which is likely to be kept and used by the recipient! Gadgets are generally at the higher end of the corporate gift cost spectrum but there are many options available so it doesn’t have to break the bank. Devices such as USB memory sticks, USB devices, MP3 players, laptops and mobile phones would make great gifts for valued customers that deserve something extra special.

At the end of the day it is the thought that counts and as long as you have considered the points above your corporate gift should be well received and appreciated.