DIY Marketing?

Despite what many marketers would have you believe, marketing is not rocket science nor is it a dark art.  Quite often all that is required is common sense, some business acumen and putting yourself in the shoes of your customers. So that said you could be forgiven for thinking that anyone can do marketing and there is little point in paying a marketing professional to do something that you could easily do yourself… right?


Our example below illustrates why:

Recently we met a potential client who was about to spend a significant sum of money on an advertising campaign. A mutual contact had suggested that they speak to us before committing.  It transpired that over the course of the past year or so they had spent lots of money on many different marketing tactics with very little success. They had written off each exercise as a failure and were gradually working their way through the various tactics trying to find the magic ‘one’. There was no overarching marketing strategy nor any evaluation of why each activity failed and what could be tweaked to make it more successful. Consequently the company was wasting money and time and not moving any further forwards.

Marketing is not an exact science and often involves trial and error until you get it right. A qualified and experienced marketing professional will have tried out many different marketing tactics across their career and is more likely to know what would work best for your business. They will also likely suggest an integrated marketing campaign which maximises impact and spreads risk. Furthermore they will evaluate every campaign and adjust it to improve its effectiveness.

So do-it-yourself or get in the marketing professionals?

Here are three benefits to choosing the latter:

1. Money – you won’t waste money on ineffective marketing campaigns

2. Time – your time will be freed up to dedicate to other areas of the business

3. Success – your marketing campaigns will achieve your business objectives

From as little as £600 + VAT per month Straight Marketing can act as your outsourced marketing department  and ensure your marketing efforts are directed in the best possible way. You can find out how this works in practice by reading our latest case study here.

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