Why should you enter business awards?

One of our key regional newspapers, the Express & Echo, has recently launched its Exeter Business Awards and is now open for entries. The Exeter Business Awards is an annual event and there are 13 award categories up for grabs for local businesses.

Every year there are a plethora of local and national business awards providing an opportunity for businesses to showcase themselves. However, writing a business award entry can take time and resources so with other more pressing things to attend to you could be forgiven for thinking, why bother?

The benefits of entering a business award


Writing an award entry forces you to assess your business critically and look at it from an outside perspective. As well as focusing on the successes, which you can build on, it will inevitably unearth the weaknesses that you might have missed. You will have to compare your business to that of your competitors, which is effectively a benchmarking exercise and good practice.

Raise Profile

If you are shortlisted for an award your business will be promoted and profiled by the award organisers which will help raise awareness of your business.

Self Promotion

Being shortlisted presents a good news story for you to promote amongst your customers and contacts.


External endorsement is always good for business and enhances your reputation. Customers like the reassurance that they are buying from a business that has been vetted and praised by others.


Being shortlisted for an award is a boost to employee motivation and team morale. It can also attract new talent to your business.

If you are now convinced of the value in entering an award then check out our blog on How to Write an Award Winning Award Entry. If this all seems a bit much and you would like some help, give us a call. We have written many shortlisted entries on behalf of clients and would be delighted to help your business reap the benefits highlighted above.

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