Twitter does work for B2B marketing

Twitter has been used as a marketing tool for some time now but there is still a lack of tangible evidence of actual business generation in the B2B market. These two examples, which occurred last week within my Twitter network, illustrate that Twitter does work for B2B.

Twitter B2B Success: Example 1

A tweeter in Exeter, not in my direct Twitter network, tweeted:

Any brilliant freelance strategic marketers in #Exeter or South West out there, anyone you can recommend for marketing strategy support?

Two people responded to the tweet to recommend me. I saw that I had been recommended, followed up and have now been asked to submit a marketing proposal for an interesting project that I would otherwise have been unaware of.

Twitter B2B Success: Example 2

An Exeter solicitor that I follow tweeted:

“Need an IT software expert witness. Any suggestions?”

I retweeted the tweet to my followers and it was seen by one of my followers who is an IT software trainer. He made contact with the original tweeter (who he did not follow), won the work and is now writing a report for the client.

The interesting point about both these two Twitter success stories is that neither of them were the result of blatant sales promotion. Many businesses fall into the trap of believing that Twitter is just a broadcast medium that can and should be used to push sales messages. In these cases the real success came from being part of the community – interacting with others, sharing content and simply being present.

Navigating your way through social media can be challenging for many businesses. If you would like help setting up and managing your social media strategy contact us today and let us help you realise the benefits that social media can bring to your business.