Is there a ‘what’ in your marketing plan?

Yesterday I saw the following tweet:

INPUT REQUIRED – We’re thinking of creating a brochure. Do we showcase our popular designs or full range of standard designs? Ideas welcomed

I replied:

What do you want the brochure to do? Spark interest? Demonstrate depth?.. Decide on its purpose & then content will be easier

Earlier in the week I was talking to a solicitor at a local law firm. He told me that his firm was setting up a series of Twitter accounts. Those in charge have appointed ‘champions’ who will be responsible for managing individual Twitter accounts and will be providing training. We were discussing how much daily time should be spent on Twitter and I asked:

What is the firm aiming to get out using Twitter? What is the objective as this will help you determine how much time to spend on it and how to use it?

He replied:

I don’t know. I expect they (the marketing team) know but they haven’t told us.”

What’s the plan?

The point of sharing these two little anecdotes is that if you don’t know what you are trying to achieve with your marketing then you can’t possibly plan for it. The first stage of any marketing planning process, whether it’s a firm wide strategy or a mini targeted marketing campaign, is determining what your objectives are. Only when you know and understand what you are trying to achieve can you plan the best activities to help you get there and achieve success.

So, before you rush ahead and jump into a marketing activity step back and question what you want to achieve and ask yourself if the activity you are planning is the right one and how can you make it work to maximum advantage.

Need help with your marketing plan?

If all this seems a little daunting give us a call and we help you work out the ‘what” and the “how”.

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