The importance of good messaging

We are bemused by some East Devon District Council (EDDC) signs that have recently appeared at Exmouth’s seafront car parks. This is one of said signs which has been erected at the Foxholes Hill Car Park:

EDDC Car Park sign

We believe this is an example of a poorly thought out marketing initiative where the message is wrong and badly executed:

  • “Offering a great deal” – both car parks are owned by EDDC and are within minutes of each other. Why is one a “great deal” and not the other? Is EDDC suggesting that the Foxholes Car Park does not offer value for money? Is that a positive message to give out to the general public? Car parking charges in East Devon are already a contentious issue and this sign seems to suggest that the car park fees are expensive.
  • The sign is not located at the entrance to the car park so must people looking for a “great deal probably wouldn’t notice it in any event.
  • The sign is not large enough to be fully read by anyone driving past in a car so is likely to be missed by the target audience.

Most concerning is that someone at EDDC thought this was an effective use of public sector money which we all know is in short supply. What message does that give out?

Good marketing communication is dependent on a clear message that is articulated well and delivered where the target audience will receive it. In our opinion this signage falls far short.

Do you agree?

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