How to use LinkedIn Groups effectively

LinkedIn is a great marketing tool and used effectively can help to develop relationships, demonstrate expertise, build credibility, find prospects and build your brand. One of the best ways to get the maximum benefit out of LinkedIn is to participate in LinkedIn groups.

However, lately we have been finding that the groups we participate in are simply being used for shameless self-promotion and blog dumping. In response to this we thought we’d share some advice on LinkedIn etiquette and how to derive the most benefit from group membership.

Using LinkedIn Groups effectively – Top tips


  • Join the right groups – find groups that are relevant to you/your business and are active
  • Introduce yourself
  • Watch a while – read what others are posting and determine who the key influencers are
  • Join in the conversation – comment on discussions
  • Start a conversation – post a comment or a question that invites a discussion
  • Share useful and relevant links (not just your own!)
  • Connect with group members that are interacting with you
  • Participate frequently
  • Follow the group rules – you can find them in the upper right corner of the group page


  • Jump straight in with a blog link
  • Dump your blogs and then depart
  • Post the same content across several groups that have similar membership
  • Push sales messages
  • Forget the rules of social engagement – there are real people behind the computer!

If you are prepared to invest the time and keep on track with the “do’s” you will find LinkedIn groups are an extremely effective way to develop your reputation and your business.

Of course if you would like help with your LinkedIn strategy please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.