South West Digital Marketing Conference 2013: A review

Yesterday our Director, Alison, attended the Chartered Institute of Marketing: South West Digital Marketing Conference 2013 . The event took place at the University of Exeter Business School where a panel of experts presented a review of digital marketing trends, forecast what is around the corner and gave tips on how to improve your digital marketing.

The common messages delivered throughout the event were - good content is vital, understand your target audience and maximise the impact of your content through social sharing and repurposing (taking one piece of content e.g. a blog and converting it into another such as a video). Content marketing is the hot topic in digital marketing at the moment and we have written several blog posts on this subject. To understand what it is all about read our 'What is Content Marketing?' blog or view our Content Marketing presentation.

Digital Marketing Conference Take-Aways

These were Alison's 5 top take-aways from the event:

  1. 3 billion people will connect to the Internet via mobile by 2020
  2. More people text (58%) than meet face to face (49%)
  3. Don't rely on any one single platform (e.g. Google, Facebook) as you are bound by their rules and their sustainability, wherever possible direct traffic back to your own url
  4. Make small mistakes and don't make them again
  5. What's hot:
    • Native marketing (effectively online advertorial)
    • Mobile marketing
    • Collaborative consumption (shared access to products or services, rather than individual ownership)

The key message that was reiterated by all the speakers is that digital marketing is here to stay, it's constantly changing and every business should be engaged with it.

If you would like help making sense of the digital arena and devising your digital strategy please contact us today.

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