Listening - the key to successful business development

Earlier this week I attended a seminar hosted by Listen 2 Win at Business Network South West on effective communication skills for business.

Listen 2 Win was founded in 2012 by Exeter-based England and Great Britain blind football players Robin Williams and Keryn Seal. Robin and Keryn boast experience at the elite level of sporting competition including the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Success at this level of blind football hinges on one thing - effective communication. With no visual cues to aid them, the players are reliant on their highly tuned listening skills.

Through an interactive session involving audience participation, blindfolds and exercises, Listen 2 Win demonstrated how important the art of listening is to effective communication.

The key messages we all took away from the event are simple, yet easy to forget. It is worth noting them because they are essential to good marketing and effective business development:

  • Listen - how do you know what your customers really want from you if you don't listen to what they tell you? If you don't meet their needs, then they won't buy from you.
  • Filter - don't be distracted by the less important 'noise' around you, filter it out and focus on the key messages/issues.
  • Understand - make sure there is common understanding between all parties. Often the cause of a break down in a customer relationship is down to differing expectations at the outset.

Stick to these three 'rules' and you will undoubtably be more effective in your business development and more successful in business.

Robin and Keryn are available for motivational talks, guest lectures for university courses and can assist with disability awareness training. If you'd like to engage and motivate your team, why not get them in to help? You can contact them here.

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