Guest Blog: The smartphone revolution

Nigel WilkinsonNigel Wilkinson, Managing Director of WNW Design (website design agency) alerts us to the smartphone revolution and the importance of mobile compatibility for websites.

Quietly, without headlines and indeed without most people consciously noticing, the Internet is changing. Back in the late 1990’s huge amounts of people started using the Internet, so much so that in less than ten years nearly everyone was online, causing a social revolution in the way we work, shop, socialise and entertain.

But in the last few years a new Internet stealth revolution has taken place in the way we access the web, as people increasingly use smartphones and tablets, such as iPads, to get online. Currently, slightly more people use laptops and desktops to browse than use smartphones or tablets but by 2014 the balance will have tipped and mobile browsing will be in the majority.

Let’s put some numbers to this:

In 2012 mobile-commerce grew by a staggering 300% with 80% of the 7 million smartphone and tablet owners in the UK shopping online. Overall there has been a 2000% increase of mobile websites since 2008.

So what does this mean if you run a business and have a website?

It means that if your company is keeping up with the changes in the Internet and you have a mobile-friendly website where visitors can navigate to the key pages easily access the information you need then you are well-positioned to increase your visitor traffic and grab marketshare.

However if your website isn’t mobile compatible you are almost certainly losing customers to your competitors. With almost half of internet views on mobiles you could be missing out on up to 50% of potential website enquiries.

Having a mobile-friendly version of your company website is an essential aspect of your marketing strategy and in today’s competitive economic climate getting left behind is not an attractive option.

The important thing is to review your website, look at your website statistics, understand your customers and how they are accessing the information you want to provide them.

There’s a smartphone revolution going on and it’s vital you don’t get left behind.

Nigel is the Managing Director of WNW Design, website designers specialising in ecommerce and digital marketing. You can contact him on 01395 542 569 or click here.

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