Responding to your needs. Really?

Many times over the past few weeks I can have passed several roadside banners announcing that a local, well known farm shop is extending its opening hours. The headline across the top of the banner reads: “Responding to your needs” and the rest of the banner draws attention to the fact that the shop is now open for longer.

With my marketing hat on, I appreciate what they are trying to do here. Successful marketing hinges on understanding your customers and letting them know that you have a product/service that they need or desire. Advertising messages need to convey this.

However, my non-marketing, cynical side reads, “extending your opening hours so you can increase sales by drawing in all those customers who would otherwise have nipped into the supermarket on the way home from work. Responding to whose needs exactly?”

I wonder how others perceive the message.

Delivering an emotive sales message, which demonstrates that you know your customers and what is important to them can be extremely powerful for generating sales. However, as I think this example illustrates, it is not always easy to get right.

Try to view the message from your customer’s eyes before you put it in front of them, or even better, ask your customers what’s important to them and have them write the message!


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