Does brand development via Devon Hour work? Yes, we think it does

#devonhourHaving spent such a successful hour on Twitter on Wednesday evening with fellow #DevonHour fans, we thought it very relevant to talk about the positive impact this can have on your business and why we would encourage you to get involved.

With so many SME’s all trying to get ahead in a competitive market, it can be hard to stand out. Networking, events, advertising and the like are all great for marketing and brand awareness but can eat into your marketing budget and take a lot of time.

#DevonHour, promoted by @DevonHour, is a virtual place on Twitter to promote independent businesses, attractions, venues, shops, events and anything else Devon has to offer. It is one hour, every Wednesday night between 8 and 9 pm and best of all, it is free. All it requires is an hour of your time, and trust us, it will be an hour well spent.

With nearly 5,000 followers themselves, interacting with Devon Hour can be a great marketing tool and you could find yourself in front of an audience that you may not ordinarily have thought about. By tweeting @DevonHour and telling them what you do, they, in turn, will promote you to their followers and anyone who is searching #DevonHour. You can also send them any special offers or promotions you are running which are a great way to get your message out there. The more people you interact with and the more businesses you help by retweeting and talking to, the larger the audience you will be seen by.

#DevonHour is trending week in and week out by getting all of their followers to use #DevonHour on every tweet. It is quite astonishing the amount of traffic this creates and we take our marketing hats off to Steve and Jeanette for turning their idea into such a success and helping out so many businesses.

If you are asking yourself whether it will actually lead to new clients and new business, well, the more people who know about you, your business and what you do, the more potential you have to gain new clients, so what have you got to lose? We think the figures speak for themselves…..during this week’s #DevonHour, run on Wednesday 21st August between 8 and 9 pm, 2363 messages were sent from 361 different accounts.

We run a few Twitter accounts for clients but on my personal account 7 of my tweets were ‘favourited’, 15 people re-tweeted my tweets and I picked up 13 new followers. This equates to my tweets potentially reaching an audience of nearly 16,000 businesses or individuals.

Now we know that 16,000 people won’t have actually read those tweets, but even if a minimal 1% did, that’s 160 accounts that now know about me.

Of course, all forms of marketing play their part and there is nothing like meeting people in the flesh, after all, people buy from people. But if you can be introduced to a large audience, start interacting with people and build communication, it’s not a bad place to start for something you can do whilst sat on your sofa for an hour with a cup of tea, or as we prefer, a glass of wine. Where you take it from there is over to you (or us!).

With many thanks to John W Lewis and #innochat for providing the statistical information –

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