Guest Blog: The Benefits of SEO

Job Hibberd of Skyline Marketing

Joe Hibberd, Director of Skyline Marketing, discusses the benefits of SEO and the importance of SEO as an internet marketing solution.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is a web marketing strategy which helps to boost websites up the search engine rankings, therefore increasing the amount of traffic from search engines. When you enter a search query into Google, a list of web results will appear which include the search terms. Google ranks these websites in the order of most relevant and useful. Being on the first page of Google is vital for any business, as users tend to click on the top results. According to a recent study by Chitika, the top position on Google receives 32.5% of traffic, almost double the 17.6% share given to the second result. From then on the decline continues, with the 10th position acquiring just 2.4% of the search traffic. In order for a website to climb the search engine rankings, specific SEO techniques are used. Keywords, the words that are used in search queries, are incorporated to the website pages, and links are secured from other websites.

What are the benefits of SEO Marketing?

More Traffic

The primary advantage of SEO over any other type of internet marketing is the clear increase in traffic. Being at the top of Google makes your website more accessible to the general public, and will result in higher volumes of traffic. More website traffic leads to more potential customers visiting your site and buying your products. Using Analytics and reporting tools to track traffic will show you the results.

Low-Cost Results

SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing. If the website is properly designed and optimised, SEO can yield you more traffic over a longer period of time for less money than Pay per Click advertising. SEO is a gift which keeps on giving; the effects can be long standing and unlike paid advertising, traffic will not drop to nothing even after the SEO campaign stops.

Better Brand Credibility

The top results listed on Google are always considered to be the most reputable and reliable websites. The further down Google you are, the more skeptical people are about your website. If your website has a top spot on the Google rankings, you will gain credibility that no ad can beat and people’s awareness of your brand will grow.

Superb ROI

Return on investment is one of the major advantages of SEO. The conversion rate of website visitors into sales is far higher with organic search results than paid advertising and this leads to a better return on investment. Google searches get people who are interested in your product to your website.

Access to Data

Using SEO allows you access to customer data which is extremely beneficial to any business. By looking at what people are searching for most and which of your pages your customers are clicking on, you’ll be able to adapt your website in order to suit your customer’s needs. You can find out which of your products is most sought after, and adjust your search keywords to bring in thousands more sales.

Joe is the Director of Skyline Marketing, specialising in SEO solutions for small and medium enterprises. You can contact him on 01392 243210 or click here.