5 ways to get your direct mail opened

In this blog post we provide some tips on how to get your direct mail opened and not simply discarded in the bin.

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5 tips to get your direct mail opened:

  1. Plain envelope – use a plain envelope and hand write the address. This will look less like junk mail and more like a personal letter.
  2. Unusual envelope – either use envelopes that are of a larger/unusual size/colour or consider using something else entirely, such as a paper bag. The aim is to generate enough curiosity to get the mail opened.
  3. Hand deliver – in large organisations the mail will usually be opened and filtered by someone other than the recipient.  To ensure your direct letter gets in front of the right person, hand deliver it and it will almost certainly end up in the hands of the recipient, unopened.
  4. Lumpy mail – include some form of gift with the letter, which will make the recipient curious to open it. Make sure the gift is aligned to your brand and/or relevant to the contents of the letter.
  5. Follow up – telephone the recipient a few days after you sent the letter to check they received it. If they claim not to have seen it you can ask to send it again and say you will check back with them a few days later.

We strongly advocate direct marketing campaigns and often recommend them over email marketing. A number of our clients have had great success with their direct mail campaigns.

If would like help with creating an effective direct marketing campaign, contact us and let us help you to improve your direct mail success.

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