Traditional marketing is not dead!

It is easy to get caught up in the hype of digital (online) marketing and spurn the more traditional 'old hat' forms of marketing such as print advertising and direct mail.

Digital marketing has indeed revolutionised marketing and the potential return on investment but there is definitely still a place for the old guard. The following examples endorse this.

Yellow Pages - yes really!

A senior partner of a law firm recently told me that Yellow Pages is working really well for his firm at the moment. The costs have come right down in recent years and most of his competitors no longer advertise in the directory giving his firm a large advantage. He appreciates this is only a short window of opportunity before Yellow Pages finally bites the dust but right now it's working for his firm and generating a good return on investment.

Newsweek returns to print

Nearly a year after Newsweek published what it called its final print edition, the magazine announced this week that it will begin producing a weekly print edition in January 2014.

The new magazine will be "a premium product, a boutique product" – with a higher price than its predecessor and plans to rely more on subscribers instead of advertisers to support production costs.

It will be interesting to see how well the new print version does but challenges the perception that print magazines are a declining market.

Direct Mail

We often advise our B2B clients to use postal direct mail over email marketing. Our inboxes are so crowded that emails from unknown recipients are unlikely to be given the time of day even if they've made it past the spam folder. I'd like to bet that the volume of post you receive on a daily basis has significantly diminished over the last few years and that you always open a letter personally addressed to you.

Last week we sent out a tailored direct mail letter to a targeted list of 20 firms and followed up each recipient with a telephone call. This mini campaign resulted in genuine interest from 2 firms and appointments to meet with them in January. We're pretty pleased with our 10% success rate!

Depending on your target market, the best marketing campaigns are often those that utilise a combination of offline and online marketing techniques. Putting all your eggs in one basket is never normally a good approach so our advice is don't eschew the old in favour of the new.

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