Video marketing: how to write a video script

We have written several blogs on the importance of content marketing. Posting regular, fresh and engaging content is vital to get good Google rankings. Videos can play can play an important role in this.

Yesterday I filmed a series of short marketing videos that will form part of our content marketing strategy. Having written a number of video scripts recently I thought I would share some tips that have worked for me.

How to write a marketing video script

  • Start early to allow yourself time to put the script down and come back to it with fresh eyes.
  • Set out a list of key points that you want to cover.
  • Flesh out the key points – write out everything you want to say under each point (I always imagine I’m writing a blog).
  • If you are including numbers or acronyms in your script write them out in full.
  • Go back through the script and edit it down – you should aim for a maximum of 150 words per 60 seconds of video.
  • Read the script out loud – you may find that some of the words you have scripted don’t sound natural when spoken or you trip over certain words/phrases.
  •  Add in additional commas where you find you naturally pause/take a breath – don’t worry too much about using correct grammar!
  • Practice reading the script out loud. Your filming session will run much smoother if you know the script well. If you can learn the script without needing to read it even better!

If you are planning some video marketing and this all this sounds too much then give us a call and let us write the script for you.

We are planning to launch our video series on our website in the new year so watch this space!