Direct mail marketing: a poor example

Here’s a poor direct mail example that I wanted to share.

The other day I received two items in the post:

  1. direct mail exampleMy new Home Hub from BT ready for my BT Infinity super fast broadband installation the following week.
  2. A direct mail letter from BT inviting me to take out a BT broadband package as a new customer.

Just to be clear the postman delivered both these items on the same day. They were both addressed to me.

My first thought was, seriously?

I immediately went on to question what sort of service I am likely to receive from BT when clearly the left-hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and started to doubt whether I had made the right decision in switching providers. Far from the outcome, BT intended when it planned the direct mail campaign.

I accept that BT is likely mailing thousands of prospective customers a week and that this direct mail piece was probably scheduled weeks ago. Yet how hard can it be for a technology-based business such as BT to get the technology right to ensure these mistakes don’t happen? It’s not as dreadful as a “Dear deceased” letter but it is a poor show nonetheless.

If you are going to engage in direct mail marketing, whatever the size of your organisation, your data needs to be scrupulously clean and up to date. 

Great marketing rests on attention to detail and getting the basics right.