What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a form of direct marketing where contact is made with a ‘cold’ contact via the telephone. It’s a marketing practice which is not always viewed favourably but used well can be highly effective.

The objective of telemarketing is to generate brand and product awareness. Often the end goal of a telemarketing call is to book a meeting or promote an event, not to sell directly. Telemarketing is NOT telesales.

What is telesales?

In telesales, the primary objective is to secure a sale, there and then. Telesales is often used by newspapers or directories to sell advertising space.

Why use telemarketing?

Telemarketing can be used as a stand-alone process, to make initial contact with a prospect, or as part of an overall marketing campaign. A direct mail campaign will generally be more successful with telemarketing follow up.

We once ran a direct mail marketing campaign on behalf of a hospitality venue that offered the recipient a chance to view the facilities followed by a free overnight stay in its luxury hotel. When we made telemarketing follow up calls over half of the recipients recalled seeing the letter, which included a beautiful brochure, but had missed the offer. Naturally, take-up of the offer significantly increased following the telemarketing calls. Without the telephone follow up it is unlikely that many people would have visited the hotel and a vital promotional opportunity would have been lost.

Telemarketing enables you to get direct to your prospect (a good telemarketer will be well skilled in getting past the gatekeeper) which is not an easy task when you are targeting busy professionals. Just because you have sent a letter or email direct to your prospect doesn’t mean they will have seen it.

A professional telemarketer will be also able to engage in conversation with the prospect and tease out useful information from them without being intrusive.

Ready to make that call?

The success of telemarketing largely boils down to the telemarketer making the calls. It is a skill and not for the faint hearted so recognise when you’re not up to the task and call in the experts.

We have an extremely professional and experienced telemarketer who is available to assist with campaign follow up or for stand-alone telemarketing campaigns. She first approached our office with a cold call which goes to demonstrate her skill!

So don’t be put off with the bad press often associated with telemarketing. Give it a whirl and see your campaign success rate go up!