What is video marketing & why do you need it?

Video marketing involves creating video which you then share online as part of your marketing mix. Video marketing enables you to:

  • Raise your online profile
  • Demonstrate credibility (through product demos, case studies/testimonials, sharing expertise)
  • Improve your search engine rankings and attract traffic to your website

The increasing importance of content marketing means video marketing should form an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Video marketing statistics

If you are unsure about the value of video marketing take a look at some of the key facts/statistics:

  • YouTube (owned by Google) is the second largest search engine
  • More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month
  • YouTube is the 3rd most visited website
  • Optimised videos are 50 times more likely to appear on first page search results than text
  • 77% of consumers consider companies that create online video as more engaged with customers
  • 71% of consumers say that videos lead to a positive impression of a company
  • 58% of consumers consider companies that produce video content to be more trustworthy than those that don’t

The bottom line is that a well planned and executed video marketing strategy will help you win more business.

In a later blog post we will outline some applications for video marketing.

In the meantime if you're keen to get started we recommend you check out Bitpod's website. Based in Exeter, they have recently launched a monthly in-studio video service that will enable you to cost effectively build your video portfolio and raise your online presence.

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