New direct marketing code of conduct

A new code of practice from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) will come into force from next week (18 August 2014).

The DMA code is the code of conduct to which all DMA members must operate. Those that break the rules, or fail to act in the spirit of the new principles, will be expelled from the association and suffer subsequent loss of reputation.

From Monday, 170 pages of prescriptive rules will be replaced with five principles that dictate the way direct marketing is conducted:

  1. ‘Put your customer first’
  2. ‘Respect privacy’
  3. ‘Be honest and fair’
  4. ‘Be diligent with data’
  5. ‘Take responsibility’

The DMA hopes that the five new principles will help its members build and maintain the trust of their customers.

With increasing concerns from the general public about the protection of personal data it is vital that direct marketers respect these concerns.  Those organisations that are fair and transparent will engender trust and ultimately be more successful than those with a more cavalier attitude to data and marketing.