What do your marketing words convey?

Choose your marketing words carefully

Yesterday I received a marketing email from a video production company seeking marketing agencies to collaborate and partner with. We have recently provided marketing support to an Exeter-based video production company so I read the email with interest. It’s always good to keep an eye on the competition.

The email was quite well written and I was sufficiently interested to read on until I got to the second sentence of the third paragraph:

“We’re cheap…”

At this point they lost me. Cheap? The following screenshot is taken from the Microsoft Word thesaurus:

Cheap definition

The company might be cheap compared to their competition but do they really want themselves to be associated with shoddy, contemptible or stingy? Cheap is acceptable to use in certain circumstances but I’d argue against using it to describe a professional service.

It makes me think of poor quality (“you get what you pay for”) so not somewhere I’d refer my clients.

This example illustrates how easy it is to turn a potential customer off with one ill chosen word.  Be sure to take care when choosing the marketing words to describe your brand and its products/services.