Do your market research

Regular readers of our blog (thank you) will know that as well as using the blog to share useful tips and insight we also like to use it to despair at poor marketing practice. Whenever we see something, which as marketers we find disappointing or bizarre we feel the need to share it.

So this week dear readers we would like to share our exasperation at a work experience request.

"To whom it may concern"

This week we received an email from a journalism graduate requesting work experience. She is looking to work in a creative marketing environment and is hoping to gain work experience to give her "a further insight into the world of marketing and PR."

The email began: "To whom it may concern".

Seriously, to whom it may concern.

One of the fundamentals of direct marketing is to do your market research and target your communication accordingly.

Five minutes spent researching on the Internet or a quick telephone call would have provided a contact name and vastly improved her chance of success.

"To whom it may concern" does not give the impression that you are really interested in that person or company. Needless to say we won't be offering her work experience.

If you are going to take the time and effort to target potential customers/recruiters then it is worth investing a little more time to do your market research.

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