Show your customers some love

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day so whilst you’re in the mindset of romance why not let a little love spill over to your customers? Acquiring new customers is expensive (five to ten times the cost of retaining an existing one) and the average spend of a repeat customer is often significantly more than a new one. It’s important to love the customers you have.

Show your appreciation to your customers and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Customer retention and loyalty
  • Increased spend
  • Referrals and word of mouth recommendation
  • Enhanced brand image and reputation

5 tips for demonstrating customer love

  1. Offer loyalty or reward schemes: Thank your customers for their business by offering them some form of loyalty or reward scheme – this could be a free gift/reward when they reach a certain level of expenditure, an offer that is exclusive to existing customers or a reward for referring a new customer.
  2. Seek your customer’s feedback: Ask your customers for feedback on your product/service (and act upon it!). Your customers will feel more valued if they think you are genuinely interested in how they feel about your business and service.
  3. Show your personality: Faceless brands are hard to love. Your customers want to identify with the people behind your brand so let your business personality shine through in your marketing communication. Use social media to showcase some of your employees, give some behind the scene insight and demonstrate that you are interested in the same things as your customers.
  4. Engage with your customers: Social media provides a great platform to engage with customers. Show your customers you care about them by responding to positive mentions of your brand and thanking them. Also, retweet their tweets to demonstrate you care about the successes they’ve had and the things they are interested in.
  5. Say thank you: This could be a simple thank you message after they have made a purchase, a Christmas card at Christmas time or maybe an anniversary gift for your most loyal and valuable customers. It’s easy to overlook thank you’s and risk losing your customers to a more thankful competitor!

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day.


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