How to grow your email marketing list

Today one of our clients asked how they can grow their email marketing list. Here are five easy ways that small businesses can grow their email marketing database:

  1. Add an email newsletter sign up form to your website.
  2. Share the link via your social media profiles.
  3. Add a link to your newsletter sign up in your email footer.
  4. Seek consent from people you meet at networking events to add them to your newsletter mailing list.
  5. Make it easy for recipients to share and forward your email newsletters with others by adding social sharing buttons.

Most importantly, your email newsletter content needs to be relevant and engaging if you want people to stay subscribed and forward your emails to their friends, family, and colleagues that aren’t already on your email list.

Consider creating separate email newsletters to send more targeted content to specific segments of your marketing database.

If you’d like help with your email marketing list building or any aspect of your email marketing execution please get in touch.

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