Second advertising campaign revealed

If you’re a regular reader of our blog then you will recall a blog post in February where we revealed the first advert in a series of three campaigns for our legal client, Veitch Penny.

The second of the series is due to go live in a few weeks so we thought we’d give you a sneak preview. As with the previous advert, the overall objective is to raise awareness in Exeter. The dog theme continues and as before the key message will focus on one of the firm’s core strengths. The adverts will run across bus rears and bus shelters for a period of eight weeks.

This advert will appear on the back of buses in and around Exeter.

Veitch Penny advert for bus rearWe’ve made some tweaks in this version whilst maintaining the overall theme and consistency. You’ll notice that we’ve reduced the copy this time to create more impact. We’ve also made the logo larger so that is more prominent.

The final campaign will go live in the autumn. Can you guess what breed of dog will feature in our third advert?