How to find journalists on Twitter (for free)

Engaging with journalists on Twitter is a useful way to share your PR stories and hopefully generate some editorial coverage. For help on how to engage with journalists on Twitter check out our earlier blog post. In this post we thought we’d share some tips on how to find journalists on Twitter.

Within an article

You can often find a journalist’s Twitter handle against an article they have written. For example on the BBC News website if you click on the journalist’s name you are taken to a page which shows all the articles from that journalist along with their Twitter handle and recent tweets.

Search other people’s lists

Other Twitter users will have already grouped journalists in their own lists. Accessing these lists will give you a ready made list of journalists. Find a journalist you know, click on their profile, see what lists they’ve been added to and delve into those lists which look relevant. For example, I clicked on the profile for Andy Copper (Editor of Devon Life) and saw that he has been added to (or made a member of) 54 lists – 14 of which were press/media related lists. These 14 lists will potentially contain the Twitter handles of other relevant journalists.

You can also see which lists the journalist has subscribed to, which may also be useful.

Who are the PR agencies/your competitors following?

Save yourself a lot of time and see who relevant PR agencies and your competitors are following. They are bound to be following a whole load of journalists who will be of interest to you. Just scroll through the list and find any that are relevant to you.

Use FollowerWonk

In FollowerWonk you can search for Twitter bios and profiles that contain certain words like “journalist” or “editor”.  You can also filter the results geographically, which is useful for regional PR. The results list also contains (and can be filtered by) number of tweets, number of following and followers, longevity and social authority for each Twitter handle.

Once you’ve found all the journalists that are relevant to you and your business, group them in your own list so you can easily keep track of what they’re tweeting about.

Have you found any additional resources that might be useful? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.