Good customer service saves the day

On Wednesday last week our web hosting company, Krystal Hosting, was hit by a series of DDoS network attacks. We can’t even pretend to know what that means but essentially it caused all the websites and email accounts hosted by Krystal to go down. Krystal were hit repeatedly throughout the day so whenever they seemed to have combatted the problem they got hit again.

The first thing I did when I noticed a problem with my email that morning was to check Krystal’s Twitter feed to see if there were any reported issues. Their Twitter feed was full of tweets from clients asking what was going on. Interestingly despite the enormity of the situation there were very few damning tweets. Most were supportive of the situation and grateful to Krystal for keeping them informed. This is a highly unusual situation.

Often when something goes wrong people turn to Twitter to vent their frustration. I’m normally guilty of this myself but despite my irritation I kept out of the fray.

So why were we all being so nice? I put this down to two reasons:

[icon type=”number” color=”#26a29a” size=”28px”] We’re Krystal fans

Krystal engenders brand loyalty by always providing impeccable customer service. We have hosted with them for three years.  Whenever we have had a technical issue they have always responded promptly to our support request and resolved the problem. When I managed to bring the whole Straight Marketing website down by “just deleting a bit of code” they stopped my heart palpitations and had us back up and running within an hour.

When things go awry we can make allowances because we know it’s not the norm.

[icon type=”number2″ color=”#26a29a” size=”28px”] They kept us informed

Krystal kept its customers informed throughout the day. They regularly updated their status page. Even when there was no real news to share they let customers know that they were still working on it. They responded to every tweet and repeatedly apologised to customers.

As frustrating as it was, we knew that Krystal were on it and moaning was not going to help.

The evening after the attack the founder sent an email to every customer to apologise and tell them about the added security measures that have now been put in place. As a result of the attack all Krystal customers now have higher levels of protection, at no additional cost.

Customer service is key

We wanted to share this example to demonstrate the importance of good customer service. No matter how good your product or your marketing you will fail if your customer service is not good enough.

The 22nd July 2015 was a very bad day for Krystal Hosting but it could have been much worse. Their approach to customer service seemed to get them through it. They may have lost some customers as a result of the attacks but on the whole I would suggest they are probably OK. We don’t have any plans to leave them and there is an overwhelming amount of customer support coming through on their Twitter feed.

Have you any similar examples that you would like to share? Please comment below.

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