Why use a PR agency

Public relations (PR) is a great way to generate publicity and raise awareness of your company and your products/services. Editorial is seen to have the endorsement of the editor and as such is more trusted and powerful than advertising. No matter how small or large your company we recommend that PR is included in your overall marketing activity.

PR is not rocket science and with some enthusiasm and practice anyone can be good at it. However, some times it can be beneficial to bring in some external expert PR help.

Why use a PR agency?

[icon type=”pen” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Press Contacts

A PR agency will be dealing with a wide variety of journalists from a range of different publications on a regular basis. They will have taken the time to build relationships so know who’s the best person to pitch your story to and are more likely to get a warmer response.

[icon type=”pen” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Ideas and Creativity

PR requires creative thinking, often at a tangent, to come up with a hook or a good story. An experienced PR professional will know how to frame a story to increase your chances of coverage.

[icon type=”pen” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Writing Experience

Writing is a skill which improves with experience. PR professionals are good at writing and know how to write for different audiences/publications.

[icon type=”pen” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Collaboration

A PR agency will be working with a variety clients so there may be the opportunity to link clients in joint initiatives and campaigns for maximum exposure.

[icon type=”pen” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Save Time

There is much more to a press release then simply drafting something and sending it out to a few journalists via email. Your PR agency will be alert to opportunities and be ready to identify the story, pitch it in to journalists, draft the press release and then follow it up. This can be a time consuming process.

[icon type=”pen” color=”#26a29a” size=”20px”] Cost Effective

Hiring an external agency is often more cost effective than recruiting someone in-house. You can either work with an agency on an on-going retained basis or just bring them in as and when you need some back up.

If you prefer to manage your own PR we’ve written some other blog posts which you might find useful. To find out how we could help with PR for your business please give us a call.